Episode 104 – An AI Solution For Personalized Advising – With Andrew Altfest

Andrew Altfest is the founder and CEO of FP Alpha, the first AI driven, comprehensive financial planning solution that enables advisors to provide actionable and personalized recommendations to clients across over 15 financial planning disciplines. 

In today’s podcast, Doug talked with Andrew about his background and how he got the idea for this innovative product. They also discussed: 

  • Andrew’s background growing up in a family of advisors
  • The solutions FP Alpha provides to advisors and the journey of its creation
  • Why tax planning and estate planning are key areas to providing holistic advice
  • How Andrew and his firm have used FP Alpha for personalization
  • AI’s impact on personalization and how advisors do business
  • Why Andrew decided to offer his solution to the industry instead of keeping it for his firm

Resources: FP Alpha